BEHAVE-research presentations

During the first half of 2019, various BEHAVE-studies have been presented at symposia, workshops, and conferences. Tanzhe Tang presented his newest work on obfuscation and its effects on moral norm formation at the INAS symposium in St Petersburg, which brought together experts on Agent-Based Modelling for Theory Building in Social Sciences. Nicolas Cointe presented his work on how obfuscation influences coalition formation in multi-agent systems at the EXTRAAMAS workshop in Montreal, which focused on Explainable Transparent Autonomous Agents and Multi-Agent Systems. His paper was nominated for best paper award! Caspar Chorus presented BEHAVE-research at various occasions, including an opening keynote at the National Econometricians Day, a seminar at Leeds University’s Choice Modelling Centre, a plenary talk at a workshop on Collective Decision-Making at the University of Amsterdam, and a guest lecture at the Netherlands Defence Academy. Are you interested in receiving slides? Please send us an email. Note that much our most recent work will be presented at the forthcoming International Choice Modelling Conference in Kobe, Japan, where we are also hosting two special sessions on moral choice models (featuring work from scholars outside the BEHAVE-team). More updates to follow!