Core researchers

Aemiro Melkamu Daniel

With a background in economics and expertise in choice behavior analysis, I joined the BEHAVE research program as a postdoc fellow. I completed my PhD in economics at Umeå University in Sweden. My research combines microeconomic theories with insights from behavioral sciences to understand individual decision-making using choice modelling as a core analytical tool. In my PhD, I studied choice behavior related to household energy mainly using choice experiments. My main research responsibility in the BEHAVE program is to apply and develop discrete choice models to analyze decisions involving moral behavior in transportation and other domains.

Teodóra Szép

I am a PhD researcher in the BEHAVE program. My background is in Economics, before coming to TU Delft I studied at VU University in Amsterdam. My research will involve empirical investigation of the effects of different incentives (moral/monetary) in congestion elimination, development of new discrete choice modelling techniques, and welfare analysis.

Tom van den Berg

I am a Ph.D. researcher in the BEHAVE research program. My background is in Criminology and Philosophy which I studied at the VU Amsterdam. Before joining the BEHAVE team I worked as a researcher at Netherlands Institute for the Study of Crime and Law Enforcement. My main interests lie in the field of social and moral psychology and ethics. In my research I will focus on a conceptual analysis of choice behaviour within a moral context, the role of moral judgment and an empirical validation of developed theories.

Andreia Martins Martinho

I am a Ph.D researcher in the BEHAVE research program at the Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management (TPM) of Delft University of Technology. The focus of my research is artificial intelligence and ethics. Before joining TPM I went to Graduate School at New York University were I did research work on the ethics of novel cell technologies.

Tanzhe Tang

I am a PhD researcher in the BEHAVE program at TU Delft. Before joining the program, I studied at King’s College London, specialising in Non-equilibrium System. My research mainly focuses on agent-based simulations of moral equilibria.

Nicholas Smeele

I am a PhD researcher in the BEHAVE-research program at TU Delft. My research focuses on developing and validating a moral choice method paradigm that integrates discrete choice models with machine learning algorithms for moral choice analysis in healthcare. This research is in close collaboration with Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR), Erasmus Choice Modelling Centre (ECMC), and Erasmus Medical Centre (EMC). Before joining the BEHAVE team, I did my master’s in Data Science at the EUR where I researched and worked on algorithmic fairness to control and mitigate gender discriminations in deep learning models.