New publication: Modeling and supporting triage for the ICU in the midst of the Covid-pandemic

A paper was published online in the journal Intensive Care Medicine, which is the leading outlet in the field of intensive care. In the paper, we describe how the morally difficult decision which covid-patient (not) to admit to the ICU can be supported using choice experiments and choice models. The paper is authored by Intensive Care doctors from the Amsterdam University Medical Center and the Onze Lieve Vrouwe Gasthuis and by Caspar, whose spin-off Councyl built the experiment and the models together with local medical professionals. Results show that the expertise and considerations of ICU professionals can be effectively codified using choice modeling methods; we also highlight minor differences between the two hospitals. In view of the ongoing covid-crisis and shortages of ICU-staff, we hope that this decision support may eventually be used to help the healthcare sector accommodate a potential new wave of covid-patients.