BEHAVE research on social routing covered in De Kampioen

This week’s issue of De Kampioen – the magazine of Netherlands Motorists Association ANWB, with 4.8 million readers – presents the results of a quick survey amongst their membership panel. The topic: would you be willing to occasionally take a social detour to alleviate congestion on busy parts of the network? In a nutshell, outcomes suggest that a majority would be open to following the social routing advice every now and then. The ANWB makes clear that she would support such social routing schemes. This is good news for BEHAVE, which studies the moral determinants of people’s inclination (not) to join such systems. We presented our research plans to the ANWB, which led to the mini-survey in their magazine. Our own results are forthcoming – data collection has just been finished, and first analyses being performed; stay tuned!